Welcome to our blog!

Charnow Yogman
BCM President Carole Charnow
and Board Chair Dr. Michael Yogman

Thank you for visiting Boston Children’s Museum’s blog!  You will find a rich variety of information, stories and resources here related to parenting, education, the health and well being of children, behind-the-scenes looks at the work of the Museum and more.  All of this information will be shared by our professional staff, educators, researchers and advocates.

Most importantly, we want to hear from you.  This blog is a vehicle for starting conversations on issues important to parents, families, educators, researchers, museum professionals and anyone else invested in the healthy development of our children. Please join these conversations by commenting, sharing posts through social media, and suggesting your own resources that you think our audience could benefit from.  This blog lives on the Boston Children’s Museum website, but it belongs to all of us.  So thank you for visiting, and please come back often!

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