Exhibits in Progress!

signs play 2People often ask, “Where can I see the collection?” Collections objects can be found in every exhibit throughout the museum. They may be the main event, as in Big and Little; they may be in display cases that add to a space, as in the alphabet in Arthur & Friends; or they may be hidden in unexpected places, as in Peep’s World. With the New Year underway, we have new exhibits in development that will continue to feature collections (and honor the Museum’s 100th birthday).

signs playFirst up, in February, is our latest Gallery exhibit “Signs, Letreros, 標識.” (That is “signs” in English, Spanish, and Japanese, pronounced “hyoushiki”.) The exhibit will feature a collection of school crossing signs from around the world. As road signs become more standardized around the globe, the signs themselves offer a glimpse of children and childhood in different parts of the world, whether playful, regimented, obedient, or joyful. To accompany the signs, we are at work creating our own roads and populating them with a variety of objects. The photos here offer a peek at what we are working with, and also offer a view into my office.

Another exhibit currently in development is our A-Z Windows project. You may have noticed around the building that we have window displays featuring collections. Beginning in March, these are all about to change. We have been working with a group of local artists to create a fresh take on the alphabet—C is for Clamp, I is for Illusion, V is for View—all the letters from A to XYZ. More details and a look at some of the objects for display in upcoming posts. Stay tuned…

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