Wearable Art

Nick Cave 2Looking back at June in the Art Studio, the theme was Kid’s (BEHIND) the Stage Month.

All month visitors were invited to explore what happens behind the stage and make a mask, design and make a piece of wearable art, and/or make their very own paper bag puppet.   

For me, inspiration comes from everywhere. The wearable art idea came from a visit to the Peabody Essex’s Art Museum to see an exhibit they had of artist and director of the graduate fashion program at School of the Art Institute of Chicago –  Nick Cave.

Mr. Cave’s work falls seamlessly between fashion, body art and sculpture. His works are almost always full body suits. He calls them sound suits because, well, they make a lot of noise when they are worn. They are inspirational, like nothing you have ever seen before, especially at age 5 or 6! I love introducing children to amazing works of art and watching them take the work in …what is it they ask? I explain his work just like I introduced the project – a work of art that you can wear on your body, anywhere on your body. Children get that. It makes sense and they move forward from there to create their own wearable work of art. See a few of their creations below as well as some of Nick Cave’s Sound Suits!

Nick Cave 1    Nick Cave 3

IMG_1691   IMG_1693  IMG_1688

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