Play a Little Tighter

P1160031Last weekend was an especially difficult one for dads, moms and frankly all of us.  There was a special resonance to the time I spent playing with my son at home this week, and during a pop-in to the Museum last Sunday.  I held him a little tighter than usual, let him misbehave a little more than is my custom, watched him a little more eagerly than I have in some time.  The events at Sandy Hook reminded me not only of the refuge that play can be, but that the unfettered time with my child is ephemeral, and to be treasured.  Playing with him was a sanctuary, and a reminder of both the vibrancy and the fragility of life.  He bounds from place to place with such energy when he plays, but at the same time is so easily set to crying because of a bump, a disappointment or a frustration.  And last weekend, more than ever, I was so happy to be there to comfort him.  Because the time we spent together was a comfort to me as well, as I tried to make sense of what is so senseless.  So to all of you dads and moms out there, I hope you will treasure your children this holiday season, and keep those families who are dealing with loss in Newtown and elsewhere in your thoughts.

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