A Week of Coming Together

This week has been agonizing for all of us, and especially for parents and caregivers trying to protect children from the terrifying events of the past week. The Museum website has offered advice to parents on how best to support children:  1) providing honest information but in broad strokes in terms understandable to a child; 2) avoiding frightening TV images; 3) avoiding detailed discussions by older family members in front of children; 4) reassuring children about their parents’ safety and ability to care for them and reminding them of the abundance of helpful people in our community who care for all of us.

Equally important, the Museum has taken care of adults.  We have supported our own staff emotionally and have reached out to first responders, health care providers and their families to offer free admission so that they have a place of respite to recover from their own stress.

We all admire the resiliency of Bostonians, the courage of helpers at the Marathon finish line, the heroism and dedication of our first responders and health care providers, and the leadership of our President, Governor, Mayor and public safety officials.

We only wish that Congress had the courage and wisdom to pass common sense gun safety legislation this week to protect our children and that our state legislature paid as much attention to supporting early childhood services as they did to transportation.  Hopefully, we can convince them to honor Boston’s children and to change their minds and celebrate all the courage, compassion and tolerance Bostonians demonstrated this week.

From me, and from all of the staff at Boston Children’s Museum, we wish you and the entire city of Boston well as we all recover and move forward.

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