Thank You, Mr. Mayor

BCM_Mayor_Menino4271Boston Children’s Museum is deeply saddened by the passing of Mayor Tom Menino. In his twenty years as Mayor he was a warm, familiar, personal presence in the lives of children and families across the city. He frequented Boston Children’s Museum where he was a regular attendee at our celebrations and events. He especially loved the annual Countdown to Kindergarten Festival every August, where he personally greeted the city’s incoming kindergarteners with a warm hug. His support of the Museum extended to his collaboration on our early childhood initiatives, education programs, and his help with our renovation and expansion in 2007. We will always remember his love and leadership of the city of Boston, evidenced by this quote from him: “I want to help people, help one individual a day. Just to make their life a little bit better.” He definitely accomplished this and so much more. Thank you, Mr. Mayor. We will miss you.

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