Mary Langevin – Runner Story

Welcome to our Boston Children’s Museum Marathon Team Runner Spotlight Series! This is an opportunity for you to get to know our incredible Boston Marathon runners and their journey to the 120th Boston Marathon. 

We will post a story each week about one of our runners, and we encourage you to spread the word about our team’s perseverance to hit their goals, both in miles and in dollars. If you wish to support any of our runners, visit our Crowdrise page today! We are so honored to have these individuals represent Boston Children’s Museum on Marathon Monday, and we applaud their efforts to bring critical funds to the Museum.

Meet Mary Langevin!

Meet Mary Langevin, a Massachusetts native, mom of two boys, and social worker, passionate about giving children opportunities they would not otherwise have. So it should come as no surprise that Mary was one of the first runners to commit to this year’s Marathon Team. In Mary’s own words:

“I am honored to run and fundraise on behalf of such an amazing place. I brought my own children to the Museum for years and have experienced firsthand how all the exhibits enhance the lives of so many young people.”

Mary loves the Museum’s evolving, dynamic programs, coupled with the constancy of its core exhibits, which are deeply rooted in its impactful mission.  “The exhibits you can’t wait to go back to experience again” hold a special place in her sons’ hearts. Every visit to Boston Children’s Museum will be unique and special, and she cherishes these moments with her family.

Not only is Mary excited to represent this institution, but she is also beyond thrilled to prepare for her first Boston Marathon.  She ran the NYC marathon in November 2015, and came into this race with recent memories of marathon training.

However, Boston is especially meaningful because it will be at home and about our own community. “Boston is home and this means more than I can express.”  Training for a Boston race during a New England winter took her marathon experience to a whole new level. No matter what the weather, Mary sees her running time as therapy. “It’s quality time with me….this is ME time that helps me diffuse and refocus,” Mary explained. She firmly believes that completing a marathon has the capacity to change someone’s life.  We are so excited that her first Boston Marathon is with Boston Children’s Museum!

Her personal goal is to run the 26.2 miles on April 18th in under 4 hours, but at the end of the day she just cannot wait to experience Marathon Monday along with all the other runners. When we asked her what she is looking forward to the most Mary replied, “I am looking forward to the crowds, the energy, and having the support of so many friends and loved ones along the way.” She added:

“I can’t WAIT for my sons to be able to see me take part in this home race and know that all those nights that Mommy had to run…it was to accomplish something amazing.”

We asked Mary what she thinks will be the first thought she has when she crosses the finish line. Her reply? “Probably saying to myself, ‘I did it!’ I will be beaming with pride and will be so eager to meet up with family and friends to embrace them and likely cry some happy tears!” This is a huge bucket list item for Mary, and something she has aspired to do for decades and it’s all the more significant because she is representing Boston’s children and families.

From the months of training to the countless miles she’s taken on, Mary views the race as a victory lap. We know she will have the biggest smile on her face when she turns right on Hereford and left on Boylston.

To support Mary, visit her page today!

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