Carolyn Manning – Runner Story

Welcome to our Boston Children’s Museum Marathon Team Runner Spotlight Series! This is an opportunity for you to get to know our incredible Boston Marathon runners and their journey to the 120th Boston Marathon. 

We will post a story each week about one of our runners, and we encourage you to spread the word about our team’s perseverance to hit their goals, both in miles and in dollars. If you wish to support any of our runners, visit our Crowdrise page today! We are so honored to have these individuals represent Boston Children’s Museum on Marathon Monday, and we applaud their efforts to bring critical funds to the Museum.

Meet Carolyn and her sister!

This isn’t Carolyn Manning’s first run through the 8 cities and towns that make up the Boston Marathon route, nor is it her first time running this race for Boston Children’s Museum. Carolyn ran for our Marathon Team last year, and when she heard we had bibs again this year, she knew she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to represent one of her favorite nonprofits.

“I am passionate about any organization that is passionate about children. Boston Children’s Museum is doing so much for families and children in Boston. I am honored to support this charity for two years in a row!”

But what makes this year so special for Carolyn? She is able to run this race alongside her sister. The duo will be seen on Marathon Monday wearing our name proudly, with family to cheer them on.

I can’t wait to cross the finish line holding my sister’s hand!”

Carolyn, her husband and her daughter love coming to Boston Children’s Museum, but Carolyn has particularly enjoyed getting to know the Museum on a more personal level over these past two years. When we asked her what she finds so special about this institution, she simply replied, “Their employees! Every staff member is fully engaged and passionate about [the Museum’s] mission.”

Like every Boston Marathon runner, Carolyn is counting down the days until April 18th. We asked Carolyn what her experience has been like training for this year’s marathon and like almost everyone else, she admitted that March has been very hard to train through. But, she finds it’s all rewarding. “The training is like the Marathon itself,” Manning comments, “some miles are great and some are torture…but in the end, it is all worth it!”

We can’t wait to see the Manning sisters on the course in less than 20 days!

If you’d like to support Carolyn in this year’s race, you can visit her Crowdrise page here:

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