Liam Patrick – Runner Story

Welcome to our Boston Children’s Museum Marathon Team Runner Spotlight Series! This is an opportunity for you to get to know our incredible Boston Marathon runners and their journey to the 120th Boston Marathon. 

This is our last story and last week! We hope you all enjoyed meeting our runners,and we encourage you to spread the word about our team’s perseverance to hit their goals, both in miles and in dollars.

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Liam Patrick is no stranger to running around.

As new CFO of &pizza, father of two playful kids, active Trustee of Boston Children’s Museum, and advocate for underprivileged children, Liam is familiar with going the distance. His decision to run the Boston Marathon for the 2016 BCM Marathon Team truly illustrates his commitment to supporting learning for all. Despite commuting between Newton, MA and Washington, DC every week, Liam has made time to log the miles in preparation for the Marathon. And although Liam’s free time is limited, he is devoted to the causes he cares for deeply. We are incredibly grateful that Liam is devoted to being a champion for children.

Liam became a Trustee of Boston Children’s Museum in 2014, and he believes it is crucial to provide opportunities for learning and to create a supportive environment for every child, regardless of their social, familial or economic background. And as a father with two youngsters, Liam has personally seen the ways in which Boston Children’s Museum can be an essential avenue for early childhood development and exploration.

I am passionate about the power of play for children, especially those from disadvantaged communities. This museum provides an amazing environment for children to learn, and it does a fantastic job of serving all communities.

As for his drive to complete this marathon? It comes from his own dad. “I’ve always wanted to run a marathon,” Liam remarks, “in part because my father had planned to and was never able. I hope my children will match the achievement someday.” Witnessing Liam’s dedication to his training and to the Museum will no doubt inspire his kids to one day do the same.

His journey to Marathon Monday has been tough, but he is ready to take on the course and anticipates enjoying the unparalleled accomplishment of completing the Boston Marathon.

To help Liam achieve his goal, you can support his Marathon campaign here:

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