Creative Confidence – Making Room to Create

creative-play-spaceHaving creative confidence means trusting and valuing each and every one of your ideas and taking creative risks.

In the Art Studio this is goal #1: to instill creative confidence in every visitor that walks through the door no matter what the project is, what medium we are exploring, or what collaborative piece we are constructing.

Each month there will be a new idea posted about how to instill creative confidence in children at home and in the classroom.

Idea #2Make a space in your home for your child to create in.

Mariah Bruelhl, author, educator and owner of Playful Learning, a retail space and education center in Sag Harbor, New York writes: “ …there is nothing that fosters independence and inspires creativity within children more than a thoughtfully prepared environment.”

Mariah has some great tips on things to think about when setting up a creative work space for children:

  • Can your child access the materials in the play space independently? Are they well organized in baskets or bins that are clearly labeled so your child knows how and where to put things away when finished using them?


  • Do the materials, toys, and games represent a balance between your child’s and your own preferences? Do they represent what you value and thus encourage your child to engage in activities that you feel good about?
  • Are you seeing things from your child’s perspective? Put yourself in your child’s shoes to determine the right height for displaying and storing materials and hanging art.

From Childhood 101:

For some fun ideas visit:

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Check out Mariah Bruelhl’s book for more great ideas:

Playful Learning book image 


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