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C Prep 7If you have plans to visit Boston Children’s Museum in the next few weeks or even in the next month or so, keep an eye out, you may come across an empty space or two. Specifically, we have begun the reinstallation process of our 24 window display cases. Little by little we plan to install the alphabet around the Museum. I mentioned this a while back, but now we are fully underway. “An Alphabet of Inspiration: Artists Celebrate 100 Years of Collections” will be installing from March through May. On the first floor you can find the letters B, C, E, F and G. We plan to get started on the second floor in April and the third floor in May, so there is plenty more to come.

Alice Vogler, Arts Program Manager, and I have been working with a group of local artists to make this project a reality. Along with the fact that each window is about a letter of the alphabet, each installation will also feature objects from the Museum’s collection. The artists had the chance to visit our storage to hand-select the pieces that will be included. Here is a peek behind the scenes. Can you guess which letters of the alphabet these artists are working on?

M Prep 1G Prep 1E Prep 3C Prep 3Empty 2

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