“L” is Making me Hungry…

L prep 3Our alphabet is growing! Artist Judith Klausner installed the window “L is for Lunch.” Who knew we had so many food related containers from different cultures hidden in storage. Hunting them all down was part of the fun of preparing this work. But who is spoiling the picnic? We hope you will visit soon to take a closer look.

“L” joins B, C, D, E, F, G, J and U as part of the ongoing installation for “An Alphabet of Inspiration: Artists Celebrate 100 Years of Collections.” We won’t be finished until May, but here is the line-up for upcoming letters. Seeing the artists at work is part of the fun.  Here are some more ‘L’ pictures:

L prep 1

L prep 2L prep 4

April 15—Philippe Lejeune will be playing with objects and their reflections for “Q is for Questioning.”

April 16—Janet Kawada will be getting ready for spring with “K is for Kites.”

April 23—Hilary Zelson will be installing “M is for Meteorite,” while next door, “N is for Net/work” will be installed by Wen-hao Tien and Laurie Verner.

April 24—“O is for Oriole” by Carolyn Lewenberg, “P is for Past” by Kyle Larabee, and “R is for Reconstruct/Recycle” by Bill Turville will all be coming together. (Please note that Arthur and Friends” will be closed on 4/23 and 4/24 for these installations. We apologize for any inconvenience.)

And a few more pictures…can you guess which letters these are:

R prep 3

XYZ Prep 1

More updates on letters coming soon…

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