Out of Order Alphabet

K prep 4
Artist Janet Kawada installs
“K is for Kites”

“K” and “Q” joined our window alphabet this past week, which means we are nearly halfway through our ABCs!

Q prep 5
Just a glimpse of Philippe Lejeune’s “Q is for Questioning”

Take a look at descriptions of the letters we have so far, and photographs of these windows below. Can you match up the title and artist with the objects and work in the window?  

Bren Bataclan created “B is for Bahay Kubo,” a style of home from the Philippines, which we happened to have models of in collections. Many visitors recognize his distinctive painting style. Can you spot his work?

Diane Fiedler and Peter Agoos meticulously crafted the work behind “C is for Clamp.” They had to be very careful with their collection objects. Can you think of another letter that would be appropriate for their window?

Dan Moynihan illustrated “D is for Diversity.” He combined his own whimsical characters with a number of characters from the collection, but they all coexist.

Be careful not to mix up Dan’s window with Maggie Carberry’s. She created “E is for Entrances and Exits,” which also features a number of characters from the collection. Can you tell which window matches those letters?

“F is for Fabulous Fenway” was our first letter installed and includes artifacts from the Boston Red Sox. You can tell that some of the baseballs have had a lot of time in play.

Kerri Schmidt took on a different type of play with “G is for Games.” Some of the games from collections we had never heard of before! Can you spot some of the antique games she included?

The windows for “J” and “U” were both done by the same artist, Julie Chen, but feature very different objects. Can you figure out what her letters represent?

See last week’s post from more on “L” and upcoming alphabet installations this week. We hope you will visit soon to see how all of our artists have interpreted the ABCs and to take a closer look!

 U detail J Prep 1 G detail SONY DSC E detail D detail C Prep 6 B detail

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